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Anna Johnson
Professor Baird
ESL58 –Draft #3
23 October 2014

Pursuit of Happiness
The Pursuit of Happiness is a 2006 American biographical drama film that was directed by Gabriele Muccino which is based on the life of Chris Gardner. The movie stars Will Smith as Gardner, and on off homeless salesman turned stockbroker. Chris is trying to transform is way of life by moving forward in the 21st Century has he is faced with a dilemma in his pursuit of “happiness.” Furthermore, he does what he considers best for his family and himself, goes after his goal in life, and faces many adversities. The film also shows that the author has pursued his dream in life and has accomplished happiness.
In order for Chris and his family to move forward, they have to overcome financial hardship even when both of them are working the incomes were not enough to sustained life. As a result, Linda decided to leave him and move to New York. (NY). Mr. Gardner begged his wife to leave Christopher with him and she obliged. One day he saw a well-dressed man in a beautiful car and he asks “how can you afford such luxury?” The man told him that a college degree is not required to become a stockbroker so Chris decided that he would find his happiness by becoming a stockbroker.
Mr. Gardner never gave up his dream to become a stockbroker even when he had to compete with a group of 19 individuals who were fighting to get a stockbroker position. Despite the limited work hours, he created a way to maximize his client’s contacts and profits by developing a number of ways to work more efficiently. He reached out to potential high value customers, defying protocol. Regardless of his personal challenges, he never revealed his circumstances to his co-workers, even going as far as lending five dollars to one his bosses for cab fare a sum he could barely afford. Finally, his struggle paid-off because at the end of the internship he got hired as a stockbroker, receive the position, and succeeded in his pursuit to happiness.
From my perspective, the movie The Pursuit of Happiness shows that if a person receives a chance, work very hard goals and happiness is attainable. As a consequence, a person’s economic status will change from dirt poor to…