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Jennifer Branum Section 101
Introductory Essay

Adjustment is making changes to meet a goal and to be able adapt to a situation. There are many needs and obstacles that people go through facing adjustment. For example, I work with mentally ill clients at my job. I had a client sitting in the front lobby in the middle of that night stating, “I am waiting for the bus to take me to Kansas City.” I needed to get her back to bed and have her change her clothes due to being incontinent of urine. When I was able to see her away from the front door, we stopped at the beginning of the hallway that led to her bedroom. She refused to walk on the linoleum floor stating, “Oh no! I can’t go down there, there is too much water. ” I realized that since the floor just had been waxed earlier in the day, the light reflecting on the floor made it look shiny. Then I told her that we could make and I pulled up my pant legs and began to walk slowly to her room. She then pulled up her pant legs and walked to her room. Once I got her to her room, I was able to get her changed and then back into bed. Being able to meet my goals to get her to bed successfully, I had to adjust to the client’s needs. Knowing how to adjust, it can allow us to feel successful. Success is a positive consequence or outcome of an achieved accomplishment. It is what drives us to meet our goals. Success can be material like getting a raise on your paycheck for the hard work you did that year. It can also mean overcoming a hardship. For example going back to school was a big step for me and I was worried about making that step. I was afraid because of the amount of time it had been since I graduated from high school and was uncertain of being able to succeed with good grades. After finishing my first week of school and realizing I could be a productive student, I felt I had success in returning to school.
Having success in our lives can lead to having happiness. Happiness is feelings of contentment or feeling like life is just as it should be. Happiness is having all of your needs satisfied. Some people get their happiness from other people. Seeing the ones they care about happy can make them happy. Some get their happiness by how the measure success. I feel happiness when I care for others at work. When I am able to get their needs met, I feel happy. Also the act of going school to