Pygmalion: Social Class and Higgins Essay

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Professor Henry Higgins
:Professor of phonetics, goes into the opposite direction from the rest of the society. The world hasn’t turned against him is because he is a kind man. He can be a bully.
Eliza Doolittle
-Her character becomes much more instrumental to fundamental after the ambassador’s party. When she decides to make a statement of her own dignity to Higgins, she becomes not a duchess but an independent girl. It makes Higgins sees Eliza differently as a creature worthy of his admiration.
Colonial Pickering
-A gentleman who is always considerate. He appears most of all to be a civilized foil to Higgins’ barefoot. When Higgins appears to teach Eliza pronunciation, it is Pickering’s thoughtful treatment towards Eliza that teaches her to respect herself.
Alfred Doolittle
-A dustman who seems free from fear in the society. He is merciless to offer selling Eliza to Higgins and get some money out of the circumstance. Through Higgins’ joking recommendation, he becomes a moral status.

Mrs Higgins
-the first and only character who qualms about the affair. She knows what will happen to Eliza.

The strategies a character devises for getting what he or she wants.

Compare the Class Systems and How They Promote Social Equality in the Play “Pygmalion”

Upper class
They stereotyped how the lower class lived and called them names such as “baggage” and “blackguard”.
Shaw is very much a feminist by addressing Higgins and Colonel talking about women in Act 2. He mentions that the upper class are mean and not fair to others.
In Shaw’s time of living, there were 3