Pyramid of Giza Essay

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Theory of the Great Pyramid’s Construction: The construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza has long been debated. Most theories of the Great Pyramid’s construction include using ramps and pulley mechanisms in order to move such massive stones, but exactly how has remained a mystery. There is a theory on how the Egyptians attained the large workforce needed for the construction of the Great Pyramid. Egyptologists Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass believe that the Great Pyramid was built by a willing labor force as opposed to the common belief a slave workforce was used. They believe the Great Pyramid had a small crew of skilled laborers working year round. During the times the Nile flooded its surrounding fields, a large local workforce would arrive to help construction for their God-King’s temples (“Who,” 1997). There are differing theories as to how the placement and utilization of the ramps allowed the Egyptians to move blocks of stone weighing as much as 100,000 pounds. One of the theories for the construction of the Great Pyramid was the single ramp theory. This theory was quickly dismissed as the scale of the ramp required would have had to of been more than a mile long; equaling more work than the Great Pyramid itself. Another external ramp theory postulated that a ramp was built along the sides of the pyramid, spiraling along-side the edge of the Great Pyramid. While that would avoid the need for a mile long ramp, this theory also has a problem. That is frequent measures of the corners of the Great Pyramid would need to have been taken in order to ensure the corners met at a point when they reached the top (Brier, 2007). Using cranes to assist is also unlikely, especially towards the top of the Great Pyramid where it thins out, leaving very little workspace. Within recent years there is a new theory that is gaining acceptance amongst Egyptologist, which is Jean-Pierre Houdin’s proposal that the Great Pyramid was built using a system of internal ramps. The theory states that an external ramp was used to build the first third of the Great Pyramid, similar to a scaled down single ramp theory. As the bottom third of the tower was constructed an internal ramp was built into the base of the tower; later the external ramp was dismantled and its stones were used to help finish construction. The heavy stones needed to build the King and Queen’s chambers would not have been able to fit in an internal ramp, suggesting they were completed before the external ramp was dismantled and reused (Brier, 2007). Jean-Pierre Houdin’s theory is more substantial because there is some evidence to corroborate it. There is evidence of the ramps remains still inside of