Essay on Pysychological Dreams

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Sleep can have different meanings to everybody. I believe that dreams are a flashback of your memories, and every dream means something, whether you know it or not. My dream usually contains me, someone that looks familiar, whether I may know them personally or not, and a hot flash, which usually means I have to go to the bathroom.
I was wandering through the woods suddenly, not knowing when or how I got there. I am wearing a long baby blue dress with my hair tossed in a ponytail, without shoes on. I noticed a large tree and decided to climb it, in fear that anything disturbing in the woods would not realize that I was up there. I remember myself spending the night in a tree when I wake up there is a young man standing at the bottom talking to me as if I had known him my whole life. He scaled up the large tree and sat next to me. The boy never asked me if anything was wrong even though I think my facial expression showed that I was seriously confused. I was told that we had to go now because everybody was waiting for us, who was waiting? I don’t really know, but I went with the young boy because I felt no reason not to trust him. When we arrived to this large tree he opened a door that could not be noticed and pushed me down a slide leading me into what had appeared to be my basement even though I was in a tree, in the woods. I was surrounded by seven young boys who all resembled my cousins when they were young. They were all complaining that they were hungry, and we were out of food, so they sent me off into the forest to get food, what I was looking for? Not really sure but I went alone walked a little ways when I saw a purple pond with a waterfall. I walked toward it slowly not knowing what would happen, then out of nowhere a large raft appeared so I set it in the pond and lounged in it for a while when I saw bubbles coming out of the water. I squinted my eyes trying to get a better look when all of a sudden a large scary man was emerging from the water on an alligator; he was dark and dressed in red. Before anything was said the young man swooped out of nowhere picked me off and flew me back to the tree with my basement inside. I was immediately scolded at, and told that I was told a thousand times not to go there. I didn’t ask why I apologized then went off to bed. In the time I was sleeping in my dream I couldn’t remember what happened, but when I woke up the dark man in red had his face three inches from mine, and he was holding a knife up against my neck, and told me I had five seconds to tell me where “he” was I didn’t know what he was talking about, he didn’t believe me, and as he was holding up the knife getting ready to plunge it into my chest I had a hot flash, and woke up.
When I had this dream I tend to wake up feeling tense and sore, like I was almost in pain in my dream, but when this happens I wake up in a strange position, one that I would not normally sleep in. According to activation synthesis, my mind made sense of the pain I felt in my dream which is why I woke up feeling pain in real life.
I usually remember my dreams when I am under stress or feel anxious about the next day. Always trying to figure out what the dream means drives me insane on top of whatever stress may be occurring in my life. The psychoanalytical function usually seems to be a drive for fulfilling something in my dream, such as who could someone is in my dream? Who are they and what do they want? When I wake up and there is a chance I remember it for more than twenty seconds, just as I am about to piece everything together it all just slips away.
If it was just a normal day in my life nothing strange or bazar happened my dreams are usually a recap of the day with a strange event that tends to seem normal in my dream. For instance I find it very relaxing and have become routine for me to watch a classic Disney movie at night whether I finish it or not. On that particular night I was watching Peter Pan, which explained the blue