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Have you ever heard of Pythagoras, the Pythagoreans, or the Pythagorean Theorem? If you haven’t then here are some interesting facts about them. A man named Pythagoras, the man who’s referred to the first pure mathematician, was born in 575 BC on the Mediterranean island of Samos off of Greece. Not too much is known about this man’s early life but there are many things known about what he did contribute to the world during the remaining years of his life. Pythagoras was a well educated child. He was much interested in mathematics, philosophy, poetry, astronomy and music. After studying in Greece, Pythagoras left Samos for Egypt to study with priests. He was then taken prisoner to Babylon when Persia invaded Egypt. Once free, he returned to Samos and started a school named The Semicircle. The people wanted him to become politically involved but he didn’t wish to do so, so he left. That’s when he settled in Crotona, a Greek city in southern Italy. There he gained followers, later known as the Pythagoreans. For his followers, he established his own school. At this school, the religious teachings there were on metempsychosis which teaches that a person’s soul never dies and is recycled into new births. These births could come out to be an animal, a plant or even a person again. In science and cosmology, they had a view of the earth that the earth was a sphere and that it circled around the center of the universe which was on of their most known theories. Pythagoras also believed that the world depended on the interactions of opposites. These were reactions such as: dark and light, good and bad, or light and heavy. As for math, he believed that all things are numbers and that mathematics is the basis of everything. He also believed that “Numbers have