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Python and Pippy

What is Python? Is it easy to use?

Python is a fast, flexible, beginner-friendly programming language. It’s gradual learning curve and readability make it an excellent choice for launching your adventures in coding. Python is also amazingly powerful. NASA, Google and Disney, to name a few, use it for everything from web applications to robots. Take a byte of Python and quickly learn to think like a programmer with our free videos and tutorials.
For more information go to:

This is what the homepage should look on your browser. The homepage describes many things you can do on python. All you have to do is click on each of the numbers to learn more.

You can also read through the “Python Info Wiki Beginners Guide” here:

To go the “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on the python website, all you have to do is click on the “docs” tab on the homepage, and click the “FAQs” options, and you will find many different questions you might have with answers.

This is the page that comes up after you click “Docs” tab

Then you will see a list of all the types of questions you may have. Click the link that your question is related to:

Then select the question you have by clicking it, and you will get the answer!

To get to the about page simply click the “about” tab on the python homepage.
The about page looks like this:

You can get more information by scrolling down

Pippy teaches python programming by providing access to Python code samples and a fully interactive Python interpreter. Its goal is to introduce children to computer programming.

The Pippy wiki page gives you information about Pippy on your OLPC:

Using Pippy on the OLPC

To open Pippy on your XO, just search it in the search bar and click it open. It should look like this: