Q.1 Describe Any Situation in Your Experience Where the Communication Went Wrong. Analyze the Situation by Pointing Out the Type of Barrier to Communication and Suggest How to Overcome This Barrier.[10 Marks]. Essay

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Answer- Once I had gone for an interview for air hostess trainer, that time I had not much experience for this kind of job and my communication was not that good. Apart from that the room was over crowded and so many disturbances and noise was there. Later I realize there are some barriers because of which I did not performed up to the mark.
After analyzing my experience there are some points I found which could be barrier for healthy communication and analysis of which are needed before coming up with ways to eliminate or minimize them. These barriers may be classified as follows –
Barriers to Communication
1. Environmental Barriers – This is the same as physical noise, which could be in the form of distracting sounds, an overcrowded
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On the other hand, saying “The product launch bombed” in American English would mean that the new product was a disaster.
7. Non-verbal Barriers – This refers to the non-verbal communication that goes with a particular message. Non-verbal communication includes tone of voice, body language such as gestures and facial expressions, etc. We will be discussing this in great length in a later unit. If the tone of voice and body language are negative, the communication will fail, however positive the spoken and written message.
For example, if you happen to meet a long lost friend and say “I am delighted to meet you”, but in a sad tone of voice, the exact opposite message will be conveyed! Therefore, it is important to avoid giving conflicting signals, through the use of non-verbal communication.
Overcoming the Barriers to Communication
Certain steps can be taken, both at the organizational level, as well as at the individual level, to effectively deal with the barriers to communication, in order to try to minimize them, if not eliminate them entirely –Organizational Action
1. Encourage Feedback – Organizations should try to improve the communication system by getting feedback from the messages already sent. Feedback can tell the managers whether the message has reached the receiver in the intended way or not.
2. Create a Climate of Openness – A climate of trust and openness can go a long way in removing organizational barriers to communication. All