QA1 Why Does People Ask Them Essay

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1 Why does people ask them where they were from? Firoozeh is not dark skinned as many middle easterners are imagined as, but rather is very white. In whittier, California they did not look foreign due to the large Mexican population. When they move to Newport beach, they stood out more drastically against the primary blonde population. People always mix up Iran with Alaska and Peru.
2 When firoozeh moved to Berkeley, what’s happen? She met many people who actually know something about Iran. And she met Francois who later became her husband.
3 What does her brother did when she wanted to go camp at the age of eleven? Her brother was tasked with finding the proper summer camp for her. He eventually found the perfect camp, which her father did not question, despite the fact the camp cost 500 a week for two weeks.
4 Why does she regret her decision when firoozeh go to camp? Because everyone else headed to the camp seemed to have brought a friend, and she did not know anyone. on the bus a boy made fun of her nose. And when she got to the camp, she noticed the bathroom door removed that means if one of girl walked in while she would have been seen naked.
5 What is the different feeling between firoozeh and kazem for the vacation to Vegas? Kazem’s favorite place is Vegas. he always played blackjack and never won any money. Regardless of how much money he lost, he always felt like he was get the better of Vegas be eating as much as…