Qantas business report plan Essay

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Plan for Qantas Airline
Name: Han Wang (Elsa)
Student No.: 34769
Class: BAE-4
Date: 7th Jan. 2015

Purpose: evaluate Qantas Airline in terms of ethical behavior/financial performance
Definition: ethical investment – sustainable investment and socially responsible investment
Name & description of company:
Qantas Airline – Australia’s largest domestic and international airline (Qantas, 2014).
Employed over 30,000 people with approximately 93 per cent of them based within Australia (Qantas, 2014).
Earned US$4.5 billion in 2014(Qantas, 2014).
Evaluation of Ethical performance:
Issue: Respect for employee rights
Para 1
The aircraft engineer claimed the Qantas to pay the additional payments of about $10,000­ —— menace employee to discontinue by not providing overseas postings —— (ABC NEWS 2012).
Qantas cuts 500 maintenance jobs in Victoria in order to reduce the cost (British Broadcasting Cooperation 2012).
Qantas and the TWU went into industrial bargaining, where TWU employees demanded that the airline guarantee further improvements in working conditions and better wages.—— Qantas announced plans to launch a new airline in Asia and there would be 1000 job losses(ABC News 2011).
Para 2
Qantas broke the law by subjecting employee to adverse action when it suspended overseas postings and Qantas fined $15,000 for mistreating worker (ABC NEWS 2012).
The large-scale layoff hurts employees’ rights and it is an evidence of the Qantas’ arrogant management.
Ethical behavior of Qantas not positive with respect for employee rights.
Evaluation of financial issue – Share price history

Chart 1: The share price history of Qantas from 2010 to 2015 (YCharts 2015)
• Horizontal axis:
Year / vertical axis - the number of share price
• Main trends: - share price - Apr 2010 - near 2.72 - plummeted to 1.81 in Jul 2010 - rise again to 2.8 in Nov 2010 – max price - Upward trend in 2011 - fluctuated dramatically - decrease to 1.26 in Oct 2011 - slight fluctuation during Oct 2011 to Jul 2012
- increase to 1.91 in May 2013
- plummeted to 0.92 in Jan 2014 – min price
- slow rise between 1.0 and 1.4 from Feb 2014 to Oct 2014
- rise markedly from1.11 to 2.07 in Jan 2015
-‘Darkest’ in the airline’s history – 2011 Qantas industrial disputes: grounding and employee lock-out
-Establish Jetstar Japan as a low-cost carrier to increase the market share of Qantas in 2012
-A $2 billion cost cutting…