Qatar Essay

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Qatar Qatar is an independent country which shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Doha is the capital of Qatar, which was ruled by Bahrain in 1700’s and in the year 1971, Qatar got independence and appeared on the world map as an independent country. The reason of independence was peace in Gulf. The official language of Qatar is Arabic, but English is spoken widely. The economy of Qatar is strong and is growing, and the growth can be traced in these many years. Qatar is considered as the most dynamic country in the region, and its economy is considered as the fastest growing economy in the world. Qatar is also known as an active member of United Nations, and it provides great employment opportunities to the …show more content…
This change is a result of discovery of natural resources, which made the country rich. The exploitation of oil and gas in Qatar changed the face of the country. The population of Qatar is less than one million, but due to the tremendous efforts of the government and industries of Qatar, the country has transformed to a great extent. The future of Qatar is expected to be even better than this, and the country will face more success and grow and develop more. Qatar is ranked among the countries which have the largest reserves of natural resources. Qatar has developed good foreign relations with many countries, and as a result different countries have invested in Qatar. The Industrial and Business life of Qatar is different from other countries, and it is growing tremendously. The reason of Qatar’s development and progress is its industries and business which is growing year by year. Qatar is a rich country where natural resources are available, and because of this availability Qatar is considered as an important country of the world. Qatar may look small but it plays an important role in the world’s economy. Economically Qatar has grown to a great extent in past years, and till 2011 the real GDP growth was amazing. Qatar promotes international and foreign relations, and allows other countries and international businesses to grow, develop and expand in Qatar. Today, Qatar is competing with Dubai and Abu Dhabi so as to become the most attractive