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Embrace The Benefits of Computers In The Classroom

Computer technology has rapidly expanded throughout the world, and plays a growingly crucial role in education. Although some educators argue that its importance is overrated and it somehow distracts students’ attention, the benefits of using computer overweigh those few concerns, which are gradually proved. Computers used in the classroom give students more fun in learning, make teaching more effective and help students prepare for their future.

The first potential benefit of using computers in the classroom is to give everyone more fun along with learning. It is all known that kids, at times, prefer interesting games to boring printed text-based learning or group discussions. To date, a great many educational computer games are designed to attract students’ attention with vivid pictures and compelling animation. When they cannot help stopping having fun in playing games, students, in fact, learn abstract knowledge and practice what they learn in an unconscious way. The more fun they get in their learning process, the more motivations they have in their further study, which is a positive spiral of success. Moreover, unlike past days only a few students can participate in classroom activities due to restricted time or limited care from classroom teachers. Equipping all students a computer, in fact, gives everyone an opportunity to be the center of the class, and to practice much. Admittedly, strict and effective regulations need to be implemented to avoid distractions or classroom management issues. In this way, studying in the classroom with the help of computers goes with more fun and more practice, which is indispensable in learning process.

Second, teaching is proved to be more effective by the use of computer. A glimpse of one teacher’s blog will find that s/he either struggled or is struggling to help the challenging people in the normal class. Among them dyslexic children constitute a large majority since about 10% of the people has dyslexia problem. Study shows that kids with dyslexia will find much easier when reading in front of the computer screen or mobile gadgets comparing with traditional printed text. Then they will become relieved in learning, less consumed in completion of classroom tasks, which increases teaching effectiveness. Furthermore, individual computer can storage everything s/he does during learning process. Teachers can analyze each student’s strengths and drawbacks by the data restored in the individual computer. Parents, in this way, also have access to observe their kids’ behaviors so as to better support their schooling. Computers not only, like teaching assistants, cooperate with teachers to care students who are likely to lag behind, but also serves as learning tools to facilitate teaching according to scientific data.