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An Outstanding School
In January 2010 George Salter Collegiate Academy gained Outstanding from an Ofsted their Ofsted inspection. The inspection stated that:

“Many Students get involved in the local community, notably in the production of music , drama and dance shows.” In addition “there is an extensive range of twilight support and revision sessions available, and an outstanding mixture of Saturday and holiday provision by staff dedicated to ensuring equality of opportunity.”

Extended Services
Extended Services at the Academy spans a wide range of activities, and interventions. A good example is the Saturday School programme which in 2009/10 academic year saw 7887 student attendances and 2670 from adult and partnership groups. Saturday school is open every Saturday during term time, with programmes available from primary age students through to adults. The programme includes morning sessions in Dance, Music and Drama for Years 5-7, literacy and sport for Year 8 (Double Club), literacy club for targeted SEN students, targeted academic intervention for Yrs 9-13, and ESOL classes for our Polish parents. Sessions are generally divided up into three themes –

1- Academic – Learning based outcomes 2- Enjoyment/Enrichment – Participation based activities based on with our specialisms of Performing Arts and Sport 3- Aspirational – Opportunities such as weekend residentials or external agency delivery.

As an Academy we endeavour to create structured pathways for development through our extended schools approach. For example, many of our extended school workers are former students who are now employed to support the delivery of holiday programmes and Saturday Schools. Our Post 16 sport studies students undertake national governing body qualifications to enable them to assist in the delivery of activities, as well as officiate our representative fixtures.
We employ a number of adults and parents from the local community either on a voluntary or paid basis to help us achieve our own extended school targets.
Many of the activities we organise and support the delivery of, can be defined as ‘study support’. Our programmes have be accredited by the quality framework ‘QiSS’ (Quality in Study Support) at established level, and we are hoping to achieve advanced level by the end of this academic year.

Partnership Working
The Academy is part of the West Bromwich Learning Community, which is the cluster organisation of local primary and secondary schools in West Bromwich. We also work with a number of community groups to help to our students increase attendance at school and at extended school opportunities.

A good example of this is our Community Board, which helps organise and deliver an annual
Summer celebration event, showcasing local organisations along with student performances. Last years event attracted over 1000 visitors and was a fantastic representation of our local community.


Supporting Our Students and Families
In January 2011 we appointed our first Family Support Worker who is a full-time non teaching member of staff, funded