Qlt1 Task 1.1

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1. Knowledge and its Application
1.1 Utilizes data, information, and knowledge from nursing, social sciences, and growth and development to promote health and wellness.
The data, information and knowledge from clinical was shown in all the weeks. Specifically, in week 1 we discussed as a group about proper infection prevention and control. I learned about the development of an infection from the steps shown in the chain of infection and how to promote the infection from happening using proper hand hygiene. In our clinical group we had observed an activity for infection prevention and control by washing our hands. This was done by using a machine and applying UV germ training lotion to our hands. We were able to see that bacteria were all over on our hands. The knowledge that we apprehended from doing this was that even when we were able to see all the bacteria, we learned that not all the bacteria was bad. The normal flora on our hands was actually good bacteria on our hands. I thought all bacteria shown by the UV light on our hands were bad, but having the normal flora protects and prevents us from pathogens and causes no harm (Curchoe, Astle, & Hobbs as cited in Potter, Perry, Ross-Kerr, Wood, Astle, & Duggleby,
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The communication technologies to support learning and nursing practice was when I met my clinical group for the first time and got to know each other. After week 1 we had created a chat for us to communicate our knowledge and help each other out. We are demonstrating how we can work together just by simply responding and sorting out any confusion. It represented as if we were as an interprofessional team, where as a group we support, guide and encourage by communicating (Duncan as cited in Potter et al., 2014). This is required for us to work as a team as we enter into the Long-Term Care facility.
3. Critical Thinking/Skills of