Qnt 351 Data Collection

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Data Collection

QNT/351 Quantitative Analysis for Business

Learning Team Assignment: Data Collection

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of the Learning Team assignment is acquaint teams with the research study undertaken, purpose of the study, research question, and so on. The team assignment is to complete the first step in data analysis in the following form:

1. Describe the problem, purpose, research questions, and hypotheses 2. Evaluate of the instrument used for data collection 3. Describe and evaluate how the data was collected 4. Code the data and evaluate the procedure used 5. Clean the data by eliminating the data input errors made 6. Draw conclusions about appropriateness of data to meet the
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The purpose is to obtain the general opinion of the participants. The method for collected data was through a survey that was extended to 449 of the company’s employees.
The BIMS survey includes ten questions that are specific to the questions that are in appendix A. From there, follows with five questions that will help divide some of the demographics of the answers from the first ten questions. The variables and measurements that are being used are helping to find and identify why the employee morale levels are so low. The first set of questions has an answer range from one through five. This is an ordinal level of measurement. The numbers are used as levels of importance, rather than answers. This variable also can be measured by this scale so the level of measurement is ordinal. Different levels of measurement have to use different statistical techniques (University of Phoenix Material, 2013).
For questions A, C, and D the level of measurement is nominal. The order the questions are asked does not matter, and they qualify as qualitative data. The questions ask for the employees to describe and categorize themselves as manager, supervisor, male, female and what department they work in. For question B the level of measurement is ratio. The question has a zero value. The question