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HMS Host is a food service provider that operates in many Airports, Toll Roads and Malls. HMS Host is one of the largest food concessionaires and has some of the top brands available to them like Starbucks and Burger King. HMS Host also contracts with smaller local franchises that airports often feature as a preview of what their city has to offer. In addition, HMS Host has its own brands that they are starting to expand into. The company’s slogan is "Making The Traveler’s Day Better"; however the everyday traveler does not know who HMS Host is even though the customer might have interacted with HMS Host on multiple occasions. The only hints that can lead someone to know about HMS Host are from their workers uniforms or from the company’s receipt/bank statement. There is no branded name association from their brands and that HMS Host is operating. Tom Fricke the CEO of HMS Host wants to take HMS Host out from being the behind the scenes company to showing how well they as HMS host and not just the brands provide the service. One way to do this would be through an increased online presence. How would having a greater online presence be beneficial to HMS Host? The company offers many products but that is not what it specializes in. Anyone can go to a Burger King to get their food but it's the high level of service that HMS Host strives for. Tom Fricke says "We know the customers most important experiences often come from customer service"… and …" Treating each guest in a way that brings a smile and brings them back again" (Fricke, Tom 2014). The service received by the customer only gets attributed to the brand/store that they are at, not to HMS Host. The customer is not informed enough to know that HMS Host operates the stores and same level of experience that they had at the last place they had been to. Also, utilizing the Internet can also be beneficial to HMS Host by increasing sales. Using the Internet and technology as a tool can increase customer service as well as increase revenue. How can we increase the customer’s knowledge of HMS Host through use of the internet? What elements of the marketing mix should we focus on? Product is not just the food but primarily the focus should be on the customer service. Price is tricky and should not be drastically changed quickly because customers might not agree with the price for the product and service they are getting. Furthermore, rising food and labor costs are another deterrent to not lowering the price. Place will be expanding into the internet as well as using mobile devices as to increase the level of interaction and service. People are one of HMS Host main focus, we want to attract more customers as well as maintain or increase their satisfaction of their experience. Recently, at the HMS Host corporate headquarters a customer service hall of fame was created. It is on display in growing dedicated sections as more employees are inducted. This is an excellent way to display HMS Host employees going the extra mile to make a customer's day better. This can only reach the associates at the headquarters. They should also be featured on the company's website at the least. They could also be used as an amplified viral marketing campaign, showing the company and the workers desire to go the extra mile for its customers especially the ones in need of help. Viral marketing is like digital word of mouth. When customers have exceptional experiences and either positive or negative they will voice their concerns and opinion’s to people they know. This could be done simply be sharing these stories over social media or even a short video on YouTube. This will allow HMS Host to share and spread the desired message and information. This will also create a good will internally that employees are being recognized for their deeds. Further imbedding HMS Host’s company’s policy’s on customer service in its employees. Affiliate marketing could be