Qualitative Critique: Evidence Based Nursing Research And Practice

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Qualitative Critique: Opinions of Nursing Students on the Art of Nursing
Evidence Based Nursing Research and Practice
April 2, 2017

This paper is a nursing critique of a qualitative research article written by Emel Duran and Esin Uslusoy (2015) entitled: Opinions of Nursing Students on the Art of Nursing. Throughout the period of May 2012 through June 2012 male and female nursing students from the Nursing Department in Turkey and the Health Science Faculty was studied. The purpose behind the case study was to determine the degree to how nursing students perceived the artistic aspects of nursing. My critique of this article is a naturalistic and descriptive interpretation
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These questions are 1. How could you define the artistic aspect of nursing? And 2. How should the artistic aspect of nursing be? The interview consisted of questions relevant to the artistic aspect of nursing by researchers. Interview questions involved questions based on nursing experiences and observation they have ever had. These questions may seem to be common sense questions meanwhile, it is important to realize that there is a level of limitations on the part of the researcher and that this can have a negative aspect of the research. However, the subject ability is on point and allows them to conduct their case …show more content…
The authors heighten the validity and reliability of the case study, by using the triangulation process for data collection. Observations and interviewing. The authors suggest that the data collected was creditable because they hand wrote every word recorded, analysis each sentence and organized into two categories.
In the Discussion section of the article the researcher determined that the students concentrated on three aspects on the artistic aspects of nursing. Those aspects were interaction, professional values and usage of professional knowledge. After the researchers evaluated all the information there was no differences found for earlier studies, which supported their findings. The findings is remains the same as the established principles since Nightingale time that more emphasis have been place on the science of nursing that the artistic aspect of nursing (Finfgeld-Connett 2008).