Qualitative Research Critique Essay

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Nurses are responsible in providing holistic, quality care to their clients. In order to effectively provide such care Boswell and Cannon (2009, p. 2 & 7) states that nurses must base their provision of care on the most current, up-to-date health information available and sound nursing knowledge. This is where evidence-based practice (EBP) comes in. Polit and Beck (2010, p. 4) defined EBP as "the use of the best clinical evidence in making patient care desicions". This usually comes from research conducted by nurses and other healthcare professionals. Thus it is pertinent that research reports are critically analyzed.

A research critique aims to measure the value and significance of a study. These are determined by
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This is because they want to put emphasis on the "centrality of the participants in exploring the meanings of the phenomena" (Lavender et al, 2010). Like Phenomenology, Hermeneutic Phenomenology is concerned with lived experiences but is focused in highlighting details within experiences with a goal of creating meaning and achieving a sense of understanding (Laverty, 2003).

The population was adequately described. The researchers informed readers that the population being studied was pregnant and non-pregnant women who attended specialist diabetes clinics in 2 areas in the North West of England. Since the central phenomenon is pregestational diabetes, it is an appropriate setting. The participants were identified from clinic lists. For the pregnant women, information sheets were given during clinic visits and they were given the opportunity to discuss the study. For the non-pregnant women, information sheets were posted and they were given time to consider their participation after which they were contacted to make arrangements for interviews. This informs the readers that the participation in the study was not forced onto the women. They were offered a choice of individual or focus group interviews. A written consent was obtained prior to the interviews. It was also mentioned that the study gained approval from the local research ethics