Essay about Qualities Essential to Life

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The future is a scary thing to look at; there are so many different aspects of life to look at and different decisions to make. Sometimes the decisions will be positive and others will be negative. Taking risks is a huge part of living life, at times, you must play the safe card and then when sure, the wild card can be pulled. Deciding what you want in life can be difficult but for myself I know a few choices that can make life, to me seem clear and simple. Love, the dictionary defines love as an intense feeling of deep affection. When I read those words, ‘intense feeling of deep affection’, I feel my heart beat faster and I think immediately of someone special. To me, that intense feeling can create almost a release from the feelings I am having in that moment and create and calming aura around me. The deep affection that is love, to me is the most powerful feeling in the universe and if used correctly can create the ultimate life. Strength, the dictionary defines strength as the quality of being strong. There is no classification of the strength, just the quality of being strong. I believe this definition to be accurate; you do not have to be able to bench press 50 pounds or 250 pounds to be declared strong. To me the quality of being strong is having the ability to stand on two feet when all hell is breaking loose. To have the strength to hold a friend as he cries, to tell him it will be okay. The quality of being strong is not only physically but also mentally strong and to me can make or break a person if not handled with care. Commitment, the dictionary defines commitment as the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause of being dedicated to a specific thing. The dictionaries definition is rather confusing to me, I prefer to believe a commitment is an agreement or pledge to something in the future. To