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Quality Standard
Benchmark Standard
What would you expect
Why am I measuring this?
Health and Safety – slippery surfaces
No slippery surfaces visible in the park and those that were visible had signs up.
Appropriate signs in all areas.
If Thorpe Park does not put signs up signs customers may slip over and hurt them. The customers would then not return and wouldn’t recommend the place to anyone, which means that Thorpe Park would miss out on new customers and will receive a bad review about the Park.
Health and Safety – cleanliness of the park, I will be looking to see how clean and tidy all the areas are including toilets, restaurants and ride queues.
There shouldn’t be any litter on the floor, the facilities to be all clean, floors mopped and surfaces clean.
I am expecting there to be some areas where there maybe a little rubbish on the floor or the tables or sinks not always immediately clean and dried.
If Thorpe Park is not clean like having the paths filled with litter, or the restaurants untidy there will be a lot of people that would complain about how untidy it is and it will not be seen as attractive and it might end up losing some customers because they would prefer not to go to a trash looking park. This will lead to Thorpe Park losing their customers which will then have an effect on the income of their sales and their promotions.
Health and Safety – Safety around water as Thorpe park is surrounded by water.
There should be life rings and telephones nearby a water ride or where there is water around.
I expect the water rides have life rings that is nearby it, just in case someone jumps in the water, for example the Rumba Rapid Ride where the water is flowing really fast and quite deep.
As Thorpe Park is surrounded by water, I think that life rings and telephone emergencies are helpful just in case a person decided to jump into the water or accidentally fall in the water, people would be able to save the person who is in the water and they can use the telephone emergency to get the staff and inform them. This could help Thorpe Park take care of their customers and they will receive a great review about this if ever a person decided to jump in the water and got saved because of the life rings and emergency telephones; which then lead to an increase of customers as they take care of their customers.
Health and Safety – First aid Points
There should be at least 3-4 first aid points around the park.
At least 2 first aid points around the park, in the dome and the middle of the park, so that if they got injured they could easily go to where the middle of the park and get treated there.
If the customers hurt themselves around the park such as tripping or other fatalities that happened around Thorpe Park, they would go straight to where the First Aid point is and this would be consider as taking care of their customers because they are able to provide the aid that their customer needed. This leads to the customers coming back again because they know t hat Thorpe Park can take care of their customers.
Health and Safety – Fire evacuation clearly mapped
There should be fire evacuation points on the map and on the park. It should be an easy access for the disabled.
I expect there should be at least a couple of evacuation points if there is a fire in the park. It should also be clearly stated on the map and easy access for disabled people.
Just in case a fire had started in Thorpe Park, customers will expect that the staff will show them where to go and the customers would expect that there will be at least Fire evacuation points around the Park where it is safe for the customers to be and they do not have to walk if they are at the other end of the park from the dome. The fire evacuation points should be also accessible for disabled guests. If it is not accessible for disabled guests then the disabled people may not go there again because they might think that Thorpe Park did not consider disabled people as one of their