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Elder abuse Is understudied and underreported.
Elder abuse can take five forms: psychological or emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and financial abuse.

America is a diverse country with individuals of different ethnicity, religious affiliation, family structures, cultural belief, and value systems. Within the populous we have individuals who are vulnerable to various facets of the social, economic, and health systems. Vulnerable populations can be defined as those within the population (subgroup) limited access or isolated from obtaining standard resources because of their ethnicity, cultural beliefs, gender, age, socioeconomic status, geographical location, or health characteristics (de Cessna & Anderson, 2012),

In the United States, vulnerable populations, including racial, gender and ethinic minorities, the poor, the young, the elderly, the uninsured, people with chronic medical problem can experience difficulty in accessing health care services and resources and experience poorer health outcomes than the overall general population. Also members of the vulnerable population have needs arising from family, personal, social, financial situations which may have a negative affect and hamper the ability to obtain care (Dorsey and Murd, 2003.

Let's look a dual factor for a group of diverse population. Minority and the Elderly: Minority elders (African American, Asians, Hispanic, Pacific Islanders) have a incidence of certain diseases