Quality Improvement Essay

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Quality Improvement
Throughout the course of this class, there have been many subjects that could be linked to my work place. The topic that I will discuss is Chapter 7 Quality Improvement. I thought this chapter would fit me perfect, due to the fact I am the Patient Administration Customer Relations specialist at my clinic. I am constantly reviewing complaints and comments made to our department via comment cards and online survey systems. This process improvement method has been a fundamental asset to our department. They have allowed my staff and I to assist patients with their complaints and as a result our development as a higher level of care has improved. But more significantly to approach the level of A+ performance it has to be teamwork. To improve, all staff members will need that common goal in mind.
Quality can be improved by virtue of a trial and error technique. Because of constant changes, it is nearly impossible to ever predict or measure reactions, but thanks to procedures such as the Health Care Quality Improvement Act, which became the catalyst between physicians and “quality care.” I battle with patient care everyday and I receive complaints from patients that are unhappy with their care. But sometimes it seems that patients forget that they have responsibilities that they need to adhere to. Some people believe that since its free medical care (Military Medicine), they can ask and do whatever the please, especially dealing with higher ranked service members/spouses. Which can be difficult to approach; whom do I believe a Major with 17 years of service or a Lieutenant that has an M.D. in any case I have to resolve each complaint with tact and professionalism, which has a residual effect with the quality of care given.
In any case of quality