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Quality management In logistics unit 42
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In this task I’m going to decide which improvement tool would be most suitable for each areas of poor performance in the business. I will create a performance plan for each area to help business reduce the errors. To identify the problem we will have to look where the problem is and what is causing it to happen. I will also look which is the best technique to use for each problem.

1. The Just in Time (J.I.T.) delivery system from the 4 main suppliers is resulting in slow delivery times which sometimes brings production to a halt. There are no records of who is the worst of the 4 main suppliers. (There are two suppliers of wood One supplier of metal window catch hinges and door handles One supplier of waterproofed roof covering)

Looking at this business problem as they are having slow delivery from supplier and no record which one of the suppliers are delivering late, my suggestion would be business need to start taking record of deliveries and measure performance. This can be measured for about next three following weeks to see who delivers on time and which a supplier doesn’t. After finding out will need to contact them and let them now that they will have to improve their delivery or contract with them it’s not going to be renewed.

The improvement tool I have used is statistical analyses. I believe this would be most suitable tool for this problem, as it will be effective way to clearly monitor who is responsible for which error that occurred and to regularly check all four suppliers performance to ensure it doesn’t happen again. (M2)

2. The cut wood sometimes doesn’t fit properly with other connecting panels
For this problem I would advise use fishbone diagram this is because it’s good when you want to identify problem that is causing. To do this will need to brainstorm the problem that could have caused the problem.
Looking at the problems I think the Couse might be that machine doesn’t always cut well and this affects the wood.

I choose to do fishbone diagram as it will be easy to see what is causing the problem. The fish bone diagram it will be easy and it won’t take long to find out the problem. For this problem was thinking to do flow chart but it might take too long to monitors, so the fishbone diagram is the best choice. (M2)

3. Error rates in production have increased from 0.5% to 2%. There is a question mark over the efficiency of the three pressure guns that staple the wooden slats to the 4 sides that make up the sheds.
As there is production problem the manager needs to monitor the production to see what is causing it. This will help to see which pressure guns are making most problems
To find out what is causing the problem I think the best method would be to use Statistical process control. This is use to control progress of the product. This method will be the best to use it to find out which machine is not working very well.
I feel that this improvement tool which is statistical improvement tool. This would show a change straight away, as it will help to production team to have better understanding of the amount of errors that occurred from the pressure guns. It would also show the exact error rate to know how much and how long it will take to repair and maintain. (M2) 4. Various problems averaging out at 10% of all assembled sheds at customer premises. Delivery drivers have told the MD.
As there is various problems causing and they are unknown the best method to find out what causing would be good to use is a Pareto Principle. This is because it will help to find out what is causing for the business that issue. The Pareto Principle is good to use when you have many problems and you want to find out what is specifically causing. The chart help to see what needs more attention as the first bars on chart will be taller. To do that’s will need group the problems that might be causing and will also need to