Quality of Communication Essay

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Alesha Washington
CST 126

The Quality of your Communication and the Quality of your Life

I truly believe that the quality of your communication affects your quality of life. I have been a lot of places within the USA; about forty three different states and if I wasn’t able to communication well I don’t think that I wouldn’t have traveled as much in my life. The one thing that I have found out about communication is that if you are not open to change; you may miss out on a lot of adventures and wisdom. I would say that I have been fortunate in my life; my mother opened up my world of traveling at a young age. Even though I do not believe that my mother was the best example of having great interpersonal communication skills; because she took me places I had a chance to meet people who influenced my ways of thinking and speaking. It also let me see the world and how people differ from place to place. My travels also let me know that it’s never too late to learn and grow. Although I don’t think that I’m the best at communication; I do feel that I’m open at all times to learn something new. I also watch my surroundings; I am a people watcher. I don’t judge but I do watch how other people communicate and interact with others. I do this to learn how into interact with others and how not to interact with others. What I do see is that most of the people with poor communication skill mainly have poor standards of living; poor expectations of life and the list go on. Not that my lifestyle is the best but I don’t think I’m a product of my environment; and when I say environment, it’s not just limited to one race. There is poor standard of living in all race classes. Also a poor standard of living doesn’t always mean you live in the poorest of neighborhoods even though this is where you would commonly find it. You could very well live in a gated community and have poor standards of living; it’s all about your mind set. Many people who were leaders to begin with have risen above their poor standards of living and poor communication skill to become great people with great interpersonal communication skills.