Quality Ideas In Fahrenheit 451

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Bryant Liu
Fahrenheit 451
Literature and Writing
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Quality of Ideas (1)
In Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury presents a world where books are illegal, and burned if found. Right now Faber is talkingtalks to Montag about Montag’s desire of books; Faber tells Montag that Montag wants the quality ideas that are in the books, and not the books themselves. In addition to Montag’s desire, Faber tells Montag that all the quality ideas Montag wants are created before Montag’s time. The quality ideas in books and other things happened were created before present day.Montag Quality ideasall had so much detail that Faber described it as if it was being alive. Quality ideas, rejected by Fahrenheit 451's society and technology, will never be taken over by technology; the ideas will always reach its audience no matter what is in its way. The ideas with quality in the past are no where shown in the present-day media. Quality ideas will never be taken over by technology, in other words quality ideas will never be destroyed by technology. All the quality ideas were created before present-day technology. The present-day technologies, radio and parlor walls etc., have shoved the quality ideas away temporarily. Books and old things all show quality ideas which is quite knowledgeable. Some books show tragedies in life, but disappeared in the present due to technology. Dover Beach showed some tragedies in life, allowed its audience could learn from them and make peoples’ lives better. But technology doesn’t let its audience receive anything important from it. Soon its audience will look for knowledgeable items, and find quality ideas from them. Faber tells Montag that books can’t be replaced by technology, because of its quality ideas. “Books were only one type of receptacle where we stored a lot of things we were afraid we might forget.”(79) Faber tells Montag why books are written down. Books’ quality ideas are recorded for it to be persevered throughout time. No matter how hard technology tries to destroy quality ideas, the ideas will always be preserved. And possibly destroy technology instead.Ideas with quality were only presented in the past. All the quality ideas were before present-day technology. In the present-day radio and parlor walls, never show anything that will want people to think or allow the audience to understand the meanings of life. Books and old things all show the quality ideas or memories. Faber teaches Montag that things with quality were recorded not just for entertainment, but is mainly because the creators of the quality things don’t want to forget them. “Books were only one type of receptacle where we stored a lot of things we were afraid we might forget.”(79) In this quote Faber tells Montag that quality things are recorded because they were not meant to be forgotten. In other words, things in the past have quality and present-day technology doesn’t produce anything with quality. Books and old things all have very high value and quality.
Ideas with quality will always find its way through the barricades of technology and find its audience and people who value the ideas-day technology doesn’t allow people to produce anything with quality or spend quality time. Everyone is stuck to their parlor walls and their radios. No one is paying any attention to anything with quality things anymore like for example books or the nature. So no one can spend any quality time with anyone, or to even know how to spend quality time. This is all due to technology. But there will always be someone who tries to find and discover those ideas. Just like Montag trying to find quality ideas in books. As long as someone similar to Montag pursuing quality ideas, the ideas will always be there for the people who needs them. “Nobody