Me And Orson Welles By Robert Kaplow And Dad

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Hi i hate this i just want a conclusion for my essay and they arent letting me see full essays cuz i dont have an account. Poop, this is still too short. Uggg. So...ummm ya im just gonna copy and paste something so i can move on with my life. PEACE. A mentor is a trusted and faithful person who listens, supports, and guides a young person in order to help them achieve their goals. The mentor figure in Me and Orson Welles by Robert Kaplow and Dad, poses both positive and negative characteristics of a mentor. While Dad’s and Orson’s experience and success make them reliable sources, their temper often clouds their judgement. These two mentor figures show that no matter what the situation, a mentor must be able to accept, listen, and help without letting personal feelings get in the way.
One quality Orson Welles and my Dad posses, that prove that they are well suited mentors, is that they are both successful in their careers. Orson Welles is such a well-known producer, actor and director that when Richard sees him he proclaims “It was Orson Welles- the star” (Kaplow 28). This shows us that Orson is a knowledgeable person in his field of work and can be helpful in assisting people with making career choices. The same can be seen Dad. He has helped multiple family members and friends when it has come to career path choices and their future. Dad has been useful considering his knowledge on the subject is strong and is now very successful. Dad and Orson Welles have taken their knowledge and learning experiences and put them toward their success. Their success is one quality that makes them suitable mentors. In order to be successful you must work for it, and therefore gain experience. Having an experienced mentor can be helpful in many aspects. Both Dad and Orson have gained experience Another trait that Dad and Orson obtain is their temper, which often alters their judgement. This is not a desirable trait for a mentor because as a mentor you need to be able to keep yourself calm, composed, and be an example. Orson Welles temper can be seen when Richard tries to stands up to Orson and tells him how he really feels. This was his response “You’re going to ask me