Quality Summary Essay

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Quality Summary
What is quality? Well when I think of quality; I always think of it towards a business aspect, on how a company is being operated and as student majoring in Human Resources I reflect in the direction of quality management.

Quality management is an organization-wide approach to understanding exactly what customers need and consistently delivering accurate solutions within budget, on time and with the minimum loss to society.
Quality management will ensure the effective design of processes that verify customer needs, plan product life cycle and design, produce and deliver the product or service. This also incorporates measuring all process elements, the analysis of performance and the continual improvement of the products, services and processes that deliver them to the customer. Quality management is also referred to as business management or integrated management.

I strongly agree and have the same outlook in how; W. Edwards Deming defines quality:
Concentrating on "the efficient production of the quality that the market expects," and he linked quality and management: "Costs go down and productivity goes up as improvement of quality is accomplished by better management of design, engineering, testing and by improvement of processes.”
Edwards Deming, W. (1986). Out of the Crisis. Cambridge, Mass.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Advanced Engineering Study. ISBN 0-911379-01-0.

Walton, Mary; W. Edwards Deming (1988). The Deming management method. Perigee. pp. 88. ISBN 0-399-55000-3.

This is how I percept manage quality?

The effective management of