Quantitative Data Assignment Essay

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ENG 111
Quantitative Data Assignment

It is critical that you learn the process of incorporating quantitative data into your writing. For our purposes, you will be conducting a 3 question survey and will use the data collected to help strengthen your final essay. I want you to ask at least 25 people 3 questions that focus on the marketing strategies of your chosen company. Be sure to keep record of all of the responses.

Note: these questions need to be questions that will help you to support your analysis. For example, asking people if they recognize the company logo could help you to explain if the logo is working as a marketing technique. Asking people if they recognize the company’s jingle could also help you. Yes or no questions will work best.

The critical piece of this assignment is the ability to expand on the data collected. That is, explain the importance of the answers you got from your participants. Think about expressing percentages. For example, if you asked 25 people a yes or no question pertaining to the marketing strategy of your company, and only 9 answered yes, that means that only 36% of people knew about whatever you had asked them. This number could be crucial data that helps to explain that the strategy the company used was NOT effective. This helps you with your analysis, or at least gives you information you can analyze.

You should have at least 1-2 paragraphs that discuss the results in detail.

Type the questions out, show me the results of…