Quarrels In Deirdre's 'Diedre'

Words: 380
Pages: 2

One of the vital characters to the story Augusten’s mother, Deidre. Aspiring to become a famous poet and get published in the New Yorker, Diedre is always working on poems and going to poem readings. Deirdre is also very mentally ill and she and her husband Norman, have a very abusive relationship. Frequently, they have arguments that result in screaming and physically hurting one another. These quarrels progressed until the point that Deirdre feared for her life. Later she becomes apprehensive that Norman is homicidal and has the intention to kill her and her son. These details about Diedre are paramount on the grounds that it leads to her meeting with a doctor, Dr. Finch. Diedre later ends up leaving Augusten to live with Dr. Finch and his