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Lizzyt carmona
English block 4 Queen Elizabeth On september 7th 1533,queen Elizabeth was born.Elizabeth was the daughter of king Henry
And Anne boley . Even though king henry didnt want a daughter, Elizabeth was one of the most famous monarchs of england.Queen Elizabeths childhood startded off at a rocky start. Which that leading her to success. Her personal life was mostly ran and controlled by her father.
Elizabeth had many Queen duties , like inhertiting the kingdom from her half sister. In the final of her life,she was known for "defeat of the spanish." Elizabeth was born a princess, until Her father henry decided to have her mothers head chopped off when she was two years old.Elizabeths father king henry made it very clear that he didnt want a daughter in his life ,he said that he always wanted to have a son to be a king in his life ("Queen Elizabeth l dies").Elizabeths childhood had taken place against a background of judicial murder and sudden bereavement(Anne somerset 4-27).The first fourteen years of elizabeths life had been an era of severe training , of exact routine of her fathers over bearing majesty and his and his supernatural impatience(jenkins ,Elizabeth 5-12).Personal security was a luxary of which she needed as a chilld, but wasnt really given to her by her father(Ronald , Susan 3-
3).Even though Elizabeths life hadn't been the greatest. She still took charge.Personal security was a luxary of which she was very much needed when she was a child.(Ronald,Susan 3-3). At the age of
25, she became queen("Elizabeth l queen of england").She could even understand eight languages such as,English,latin,greek,italian,french,spanish,welsh,and even ("Queen Elizabeth l dies").In 1554 queen Elizabeth was aaccused of consprincy("Queen Elizabeth ldies") .In 1558 Elizabeth in herited the kingdom from her half sister mary l in…