Queen Emma Hawaii Research Paper

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Queen Emma Of Hawaii was a queen who reigned for almost 20 years. She lived in Honolulu, Hawaii where she stayed for all of her life. However, she was not born into royalty and married to the King in 1856, when he died she gained full control of the country. Although she lived long ago, she is known by many and is a great influence supporting girl’s rights. She was a great person and could overcome any challenge that got in her way.
On January 2, 1836 Emma Kalanikaumakaʻamano Kaleleonālani Naʻea Rooke of Hawaiʻi was born. She was adopted at birth by her aunt who could not have children, Chiefess Grace Kamaukui Young and her uncle Doctor Thomas C.C. Rooke. She lived in her aunt’s English mansion in Honolulu, Hawaii for most of her childhood. She didn’t know her parents before she was adopted and was happy living with her aunt. Before her aunt adopted her birth parents were High Chief George Naʻea and High Chiefess Fanny Kekelaokalani Young. When she was young she was taught in Honolulu at the Royal School where she learned the right’s and wrong’s of being a
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She burst out of the room crying because she was bound to be seperated from her true love. They pulled through and ended up getting married in 1856. Within a few years on May 20, 1859 they gave birth to their first child, a beautiful baby boy. His name was Albert Edward Kauikeaouli Leiopapa a Kamehameha. Emma called him baby all of his childhood instead of Albert but after four years of living on August 27, 1862, he died of a brain fever. Soon after on November 30, 1863 her husband had died of grief and depression. He blamed himself for their son’s death and thought that he could have done something.They were both buried in Mauna ʻAla where all of the Kamehameha family had been