Queen Of Jean Claude Essay

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Once upon a time there was a lovely princess who, despite the fact that she was a princess, she was unaware of this. Here in France, she is the rightful heir to the throne, in the wake of King Louis XI’s death last month, in August 1483. The royal advisor, Jean Claude, must speak to the queen before she dies from the plague consuming her body. So the lost princess Marie can take the throne when she is needed.
“Queen Charlotte, we need to find the lost princess Marie before you depart from this Earth like your husband,” pointed out Jean Claude to the queen.
“I-know-where-she-is,” whispered Queen Charlotte.
“How? She has been gone for 19 years!” exclaimed Jean Claude in frustration.
“She was sent to a cottage in the woods, she has magical powers, that’s
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Jean Claude took a horse from the stables and began to ride as fast as the horse would carry him to Bordeaux. Despite this the trip took 2 days just to get to the warlocks cave. He ventured to the cave where the warlock lived, it was damp, dark, and dank. The warlock emerged from the shadows, and began to grumble “Who would dare enter me cave?”
“I have come from the castle in Paris, the queen needs your help,” squeaked Jean Claude, almost fainting after the words slipped from his mouth.
“That queen hasn’t wanted a word with me in over 19 years. Whatever could she need now?”
“I’m afraid you will need to discuss that with the queen. Please, pack your things we must depart as soon as possible.”
“All right I will be ready soon enough. Here, sit,” The warlock waved his hand, and then, right beside Jean Claude, a sofa was created out of nothing more than air. Jean Claude sat down, but before he could get comfortable the warlock stood in front of him with a bag of clothing over his shoulder.
“I’m ready to depart,” the warlock