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Queen’s Supplementary Application Essay Question
As my high school career is coming to an end and a new chapter awaits, I am striving to ensure that that chapter will be one that I am proud of. If opportunity presents itself and I have the privilege of attending Queen’s University for studies in Concurrent Education, I will be sure that I am one step closer to my goals. During my time at the university, I will grasp at the boundless opportunities present to learn and prosper. Having that Queen’s students are provided with more than 500 options of clubs to join, I will have the advantage of being able to exercise my interests in my spare time. I plan to work towards more than just a degree, but a sense of self-growth. Being a student, I know how important it is that each and every teacher works to leave a lasting impact on their students that allows them to grow, and this is what I want to be able to provide for my students in the future. I believe that the Queen’s Concurrent Education program will guide me towards achieving this goal, by allowing me to grow. Queen’s University has a great reputation in Canada for a number of reasons, including the extensive international program that is available to its students. With 150 institutions in 45 different countries around the globe, there is no doubt that I would love take part in an international learning experience that will educate me in ways that reach beyond the horizons of a classroom. Once I have completed 5 years with…