Analysis Of The Community Development And Recovery Package

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Those picture shows the real things happened in Queensland, Queensland was inundated by the worst flood since 2011.
Over 70 communities were affected by flood waters, 75% of the State was declared a natural disaster area,
Not everyone was so lucky some had animals and major business equipment that has been lost more seriously there are thousands of homes were destroyed by flood. the road and rail are damaged after flood.
Then let look at third picture before the flood it was a Busy football field there are large number of people watched match however after flood the football field was inundated it looks like a swimming pool and very duty .Therefore, the Community Development and Recovery Package of Queensland are started by the relevant departments

The government established temporary reconstruction department for recovery Queensland community then I will explain each of these in greater detail firstly Community capacity can be defined “as a collection of characteristics and resources which, when combined, improve the ability of a community to recognize, evaluate and address key problems”. “Thus, community capacity refers not only to financial, physical and human resources contained within a community but also to its social resources

Then green jobs is helpful apart in recovery process, the government distributed the biggest fund $39.3 million to provide employment and work experience opportunities on projects targeted at rebuilding community and public infrastructure and environmental restoration next Apprentice Support this is an important part in recovery process– the government assigned $14.2 million to support employers to retain apprentices and trainees, provide employment and training opportunities to stood down
Priority Skills Development – the government allocated $13 million for training to address priority skills development and pre-employment training aligned to local…