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Career Research: Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst help companies determine what the consumer wants, who will buy the company’s product, and how much they will buy this product for, by studying the market condition whether it be locally, regionally, or nationally. Prior to the development of a new product, service, or campaign, by a company, market research analyst work with these companies to discuss strategies for effectively reaching their target audience. Market research analysts gather this information from the public through the use of surveys, emails, phone calls, or focus groups, by asking the consumer what they want and how the company can make consuming more efficient.
For an entry level Market Research Analyst position, it is required to have a Bachelor’s Degree, a major in Business. A Master’s Degree is usually required for a top research position as you gain experience. In order to gain more experience it is also important to become certified by the Marketing Research Association, which awards the Professional Researcher Certification, or PRC. This certification must be renewed every two years.
A market research analyst needs to have technical skills that relate to mathematics, psychology, and social sciences. To be more specific it would be very helpful for someone who is considering being a market research analyst to take these classes in college as well as Statistics. Another aspect to market research is the concept of presentation, these analyst have to convince the company of what the public wants and show them hard facts in order to help them, so one particular skill that worth being noted it the ability to talk in front of a group. You need to have strong math and analytical skills, because this occupation deals with…