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The Giver - Chapters 5-6
Follow this sample exactly

Synopsis- In these chapters Jonas begins to have normal adolescent sexual desires for Fiona. Then he takes “the pill” and the “stirrings” go away. The Ceremony begins and the Twelves express their apprehensions about their assignments. 5 Rhetorical Devices You have to do more than just identify the rhetorical devices.
• Write the number of the device on the chart.
• Write a brief synopsis of the definition and highlight it.
• Copy the quote from the text and write the page number after it.
• You must tell me the function of the device.
• Explain how the author uses the device.
• Skip a line between each separate response

#6- Euphemism- a more agreeable or less offensive substitute for generally unpleasant words or concepts- “Those who were released-even as new children- were all sent Elsewhere and never returned to the community”(31).This is an example of euphemism because the word released is a more pleasant way of saying killed. The very pleasant and acceptable terms, “released” and “elsewhere” really meant that the people were killed. Lowry uses euphemism to emphasize how well the dirty work of the community was hidden.
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# 19- Asyndeton- omitting conjunctions between words, phrases, or clauses-“His transgressions were small ones, always: shoes on the wrong feet, schoolwork misplaced, failure to study adequately for a quiz” (45). Lowry seems to use the multiple listing to reinforce exactly how unimportant his mistakes were because even when they are all piled up they are still insignificant.
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# 60-Parenthesis- a word, phrase, or whole sentence inserted as an aside in the middle of another sentence- “Have you ever once known of anyone- I mean really known for sure, Asher, not just heard a story about it – who joined another community” (48)? This is an example of parenthesis because the phrase “I mean really known for sure, Asher, not just heard a story about it” is inserted into the sentence. Lowry uses parenthesis to magnify Jonas’s uncertainty or maybe his desire to know.
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# Syntax-“Like the Matching of the Spouses and the Naming and Placement of newchildren, the Assignments were scrupulously thought through by the Committee of Elders” (49). This is an example of syntax because some of the words are capitalized as if they were proper names. Lowry seems to use the capitalization to serve dual purposes because the capitalization shows how formal and prescribed every aspect of their lives is. The capitalization also shows how the overuse of these formalities makes them almost unimportant.
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# 49 Analogy –compares two things, which are alike in several respects-“Then in the same way that his won dwelling slipped away behind him as he rounded the corner on his bicycle, the dream slipped away from his thoughts” (39). This is an analogy because it compares the physical event of things disappearing when he passes them to the way his dreams disappear. Lowry uses this analogy to show how well the complete control of the society worked. Because as life continued, the citizens prescribed and habitual actions replaced their innate and natural reactions, because the prescribed habits were reinforced and the natural reactions were repressed.

Author’s Purpose for these Chapters – If you do a really good job (with good literature) you will notice how the author’s message/purpose is reinforced by the rhetorical devices. This section should be fairly long and involved.
I think the author’s purpose for writing these chapters was to show how oppressive, unnatural and complete the control of the society was for the citizens. This is demonstrated with “the pill” that repressed natural instinctive physical urges until they were too old to have them anymore. It is also demonstrated in the formal and stifled emotions of Jonas’ parents (who represent the adults of the society). It was so