Question and Bridegroom Essay

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Nathaniel Isong’s novel Whoknows is the story about the woman who fraud guy to enter in the U.S. Since I’m from different country, the story of Whoknows was very interesting to me. You can hear a lot of similar stories like Whoknows still. I even know few friends that married with guy to get green card. However, this essay is focusing on the manner of Whoknows. She is rude, wasteful, and inconsistent person. Further explanations have been given in the subsequent paragraphs.
The first reason why whoknows is rude, she doesn’t have any courteous for bridegroom. Whenever she called to bridegroom, she directly asks for money. She doesn’t even say hello to him. She only considered his presents all the time, but she never got something for him. Also she didn’t do his laundry even the bridegroom is from overseas and stayed few days in her home. “He would beg her to wash them. She would turn around to question what happened to his hands”(Isong50).
Second reason, for why whoknows is wasteful. She didn’t save money and she only talked about money to the bridegroom. “Money, Money, Money … spending, spending, spending were the points of the bride’s happiness” (Isong49). Even All the community knows she is such a spender. “Some community members moved to tell her that she is a married person, and that she can’t be absorbing someone’s money like drinking water”(Isong89). Also she always is getting most expensive thing.” She would pick the most expensive items without looking at the