Question and Courage Self-assessment Essay

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Developing Your Creative Attitudes

1) The attitude I decided to work on is the courage self-assessment where I would like to be more open about my thoughts even if feel shy or embarrassed to share my ideas in a group or a class. I’m not that student who will get her hand up and ask questions even if I want to do or I have the answer to the question that is asked in a class. I want to work on these things that make me sit back in the class or a group and stop me to share my ideas that are in my mind. Courage is the one thing that I want to work on and many opportunities have passed because having less courage to speak up around people.

2) Improving your courage because by doing this exercise it will me question myself that why can’t I speak up and don’t look foolish at all, maybe this is a way to overcome my fear of speaking in public and letting my thoughts to be shared with everyone else.

3) When I came to Canada from middles east, the time I went to high school over here everything was totally different from the way I have been in my school over there. I was so shy and embarrassed to speak up in front of the class that I used to not talk to any of my class fellow and even for the presentation i got sick so didn’t presented in class. For the whole year this fear took the courage from asking someone help and making friends but I had to overcome it by letting myself speak up and to not be shy in interacting with other people. The fear of standing up and letting my thoughts out is a bit still there but the other speaking and shy problem is solved by convincing me to speak and make friends by talking with other people.


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