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As Good as it Gets
While watching this movie I encountered a couple of psychological disorders in the characters. In the movie “As Good as it Gets”, the main character, Melvin is diagnosed with OCD. Melvin is that type of guy no one likes as he is constantly disrespectful towards, animals and people in general. We can tell he has OCD because he never steps on cracks, always wear protection on his hands to avoid germs, and when he was washing his hands he cleaned them with force to make sure all germs are removed. There was another part where he turns the lights on and off a specific amount of times and same with locking doors. We can also go advance and say his OCD can be considered OCPD as OCPD patients believe that their thoughts are correct, which happened to Melvin during the movie a lot. For example, Melvin goes to the same restaurant every day, same table, asking for the same waitress every time. When not receiving his food after a couple minutes he gets up to yell at the waitress she isn’t doing her job correctly. At one point he becomes so rude that he gets kicked out and upon walking out the restaurant, people stood up cheered and claaped. When Carol, the waitress doesn’t show up to work one day it gets Melvin all stressed out and he decides to go to Carol’s house. We can say Melvin also has an anti-social disorder as he isn’t aware of his wrong doing, for example going to the waitress you don’t know house just because she wasn’t there at work to serve you. Carol is the only character in the movie that can stand Melvin and his rude behavior. Melvin’s gay neighbor, Simon, also suffers minor depression after being attacked by robbers causing him to be injured, lose his artwork, and his dog. Things start to shift when Melvin is forced to take care of Simon’s dog. Simon also reveals he had problems in his childhood where his dad hated him so much that he gave Simon a handful of money to never come back. When Simon ran to hug his father, the dad turned around and walked out the door. This is an issue in the movie as Simon drove all the way to his parents area to ask for money so he wouldn’t be evacuated. Melvin starts to show emotions to the dog. As the movie progresses Melvin starts showing emotion to Carol. But after she demands a compliment and he says she makes him want to be a better person,