Successful Project Management And Project Management Of An Organization

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Successful project management is one of the most important issues worried about the leadership. The leadership does not only comprehend what operation issues, project objectives, and their responsibilities to complete a project success, but they also understand the relationship and the alignment between business strategy and project management in order to manage the project effectively and efficiency. This is the issues that the article of Longman A. and Mullins J. (2004) analyzed so as to address these problems above. There are three reasons why I chose the article to discuss in the presentation.
Firstly, every operation has their strategy which is defined as the vision, the objectives and the mission of an organization. The operation has to impart its strategy to every member in the organization so as to make them understand what they need to follow when they are doing their jobs. The project leadership also needs to comprehend the business strategy clearer than other employees because they are the leader who communicates the strategy to their project members and then they plan, implement and complete the project based on the business strategy orientation.
Secondly, the project leader must understand the relationship and the alignment between the business strategy and project management in order to do the operation project. In the project implementation progress, the project members often lose their sense of direction, so they will face the issue and confuse to keep doing their project parts. Therefore, when the project leadership begins to do the project, they need to impart a practical, possible, and clear project plan and objectives so as to achieve the win-win result to three objects that are the organization, the project leadership and project members.
Thirdly, the article addressed and analyzed clearly some essential elements which the project manager needs to comprehend so as to implement a successful project. There are very useful and necessary to the audiences because they can apply these factors to their own project. Moreover, it also helps the audiences to prevent and reduce their project risks.
In conclusion, the article is really interested in analyzing and discussing. It addressed the business strategy as a key success of