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Question: How does a mineral’s color affect the type of streak it creates when scratched on a streak plate? Research The streak is the color of a crushed minerals powder. The color of a mineral’s may vary from the actual color of the mineral. The streak is actually the real color, not the color that you see. This is useful for mineral classification like from gold to pyrite, they both look the same but don’t have same streak. Many minerals have different streak than actual colors, many have the same. Take calcite for instance, they have different colors, shapes, and varieties. But the streak is always white. The light colored, non-metallic have a white and colorless streak, mostly the silicate and the other types like carbonates, and the transparent minerals. When you test a streak, it is mostly used for dark minerals, like metals. (Research). Hypothesis: If you streak a mineral, then most likely it will not streak as the same color of the mineral. Materials: Minerals, and streak plate. Procedure: First, you identify the rock that you are going to streak. Next, you are going to write down what the mineral’s color is. Then, you are going to streak the mineral on the streak plate. After that, you are going to write down the color of the streak in your observations. Finally, you repeat the procedure for as many rocks as you have. Results: