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Question of a Value This lecture focuses on the fundamental contrast between questions of value and questions of fact. It would be possible to have a complete factual picture of the universe without knowing which facts are most important.
What is a value? No one can give a correct definition and explanation. Value will be different for each person. Value could be material or spiritual. The most pressures thing for a lot of people is their life.
Cash value of a life
What is the value of a human life? Ford determined that life coast 200 thousand dollars. Is it right? I do not think we can measure any human life with using monetary system. Life and money is two different types of values. Each life is an infinite value, but it can’t be right either, because for some people their life or life of other people - means nothing. With all being said, we can’t determine the true value of a life. No one can compare value of one person to another. One life cant be more valuable compared to another life.
We place a value on the other thing, such as: love, family, friendship, car, house, business, relations, work, fame, good health and so on. Every human designate these values in different ways. For me family would be a major priority, it has more value than work, but other people can interpret it differently. Those are indication that your priority is different than mine and you would expect them to mismatch. We evaluate things ethically at different levels. Everybody should put a list of priorities.
Many human live their life without strong understanding what is it they value in their live, or what are the main goals of the life. Because they can neglect the easy roots to what it is they really want. They do not know what to do with their time and money. Many of them live their life without any idea of the purpose of their existence. To me, this purpose is a true value in everybody’s life. When we come to this planet, we cannot help but wonder, what are we here for? What is our destiny? A lot of people prefer to live in the “dark”. Some of them understand real value when it’s too late.