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ENVS 105 Question Set Section #1 Fall 2014
Answer the following questions for your homework. Work on the questions after we have covered the topic in class. Bring any questions to class or office hours. These questions will help you on the exam. If you do not do them, the points will add up and hurt your grade.

To get credit, you must:
Answer all questions
Answer all parts of each question
Type your answers
Do complete and conscientious work
Write out, number, and letter all questions
Use regular font for the questions
Use bold font for your answers

1) Based on the graphic above, which two of the animals listed on the top line would be most closely related to each other?Grizzly Bear and Black Bear

2) Based on the graphic
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The Sun is closer to being overhead in equatorial regions than at higher latitudes. Therefore, equatorial regions receive the most radiant energy and are warmest. Slanting rays of the Sun at higher latitudes deliver less energy over a given area with the least being received at the poles. Thus, temperature varies with latitude from the warm equator to the cold poles.

8) Explain why the species in rocky intertidal ecosystems of California’s Pacific Coast are distributed in 3 identifiable zones (upper, middle, lower). Illustrate and label a diagram of a rocky intertidal ecosystem as part of your answer.
The plants and animals of the intertidal are subject to a range of conditions not encountered in the relative stability of the deep ocean. Three factors--substrate, wave shock, and exposure to drying--are important in determining the types of organisms found in a given intertidal community.

9) Read the article Gwin, Peter. 2012. Rhino Wars. National Geographic. March. And answer the following questions.
A) What is the primary reason Rhinos are hunted?
Because the horns have long been viewed as a cure-all for many ailments in traditional medicine there.
B) Where is the current largest market for Rhino horn?
C) How much profit can a pair of Rhino horns yield on the black market in Vietnam? $200,000

10) Read the article: Brower, Kenneth. 2012. Mesoamazing.