Questionnaire On Mobile Phones

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I. Personal information
1. Gender
Male 25 Female 25
2. Age
a. Less than 16 6 b. 16--20 31 c. over than 20 13
3. Income
a. Less than ¥1,500 34 b. ¥ 1,500--¥3,000 10 c. over than ¥3,000 6
4. Education
a. Middle school student 26
b. Bachelor 17
c. Master 2
d. Other 5

II. Behavior of Surfing the Internet
13. How many hours do you use internet daily?
a. 0-1 5 b. 1-3 30 c. 3-5 12 d. over 5 3
5. Which way is you favorite to surf on the Internet?
a. Mobile Phone 9 b. iPad 9 c. Computer 32

III.New and traditional Promotion
10. Which way of device advertising can stimulate your desire to click?
a. Phone/Pad 6 b. PC 26 c. Traditional Ads 18
14. Could you be used to new advertising in PC and New mobile device, compare with traditional ways like Bus, TV, and Stop station?
a. Yes 24 b. No 26
8. In generally situation, do you notice the advertising in mobile device /PC?
a. Yes 12 b. No 38

IV.Advertising Experience
6. Which kind of advertising can you tolerate?
a. In video 19 b. In games 5 c. In novels 7 d. In news 25
7. What sort of software can you accept?
a. Free software with few Ads 34
b. Charge software without Ads 16
9. How many times adverting appear in step of one using experience can you bear it?
a. None 15 b. One 28 c. Two---Five 5 d. Over five 2
12. Do you think when you click ads you will encounter virus?
a. Yes 36 b. No 14

V. Personal behavior in Advertising
15. Do you think personal behavior can cause the indispensable influences in reading ads?
a. Yes 35 b. No 15
16. Which sort of surfing the internet is most fragment? (Multi-choice)
a. Education 25 b. Entertainment 34 c. Shopping 25 d. Reading 19
e. On-line Game 16 f. Chatting 23
17. Do you think it is effective that when you do above things, the relevant advertising can make you come into notice?
a. Yes 25 b. No 25
18. To some degree, do you refuse them or not?
a. Yes 30 b. No 25
19. When you encounter these sorts of ads, what do you usually do?
a. Do nothing 35 b. Put feedback to source 5
c. Just complain 3 d. Produce boredom and not use again 7

VI. Advertising Effectiveness
20. In normal channel, when you meet very attractive advertising, will you buy its products?
a. Of course, the life should be carpe diem 20
b. General won't, keep watching is rational performance 30
3. Interviewee Income
a. Less than ¥2,500 34 b. ¥