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Option A Option B Option C Option D Answers
…set from the book only …set from the content of the lectures only …set from the book, the supporting material on the Book’s web site and the content of the lectures …set from the book and tutorials only C
The material in the book only Some of the key material in the book and extra material found in the other reference texts Key material in the book, and extra material found in reference texts and other material All of the material in the book C
Eliminate bugs Protect life and property To deliver high quality solutions Have pride in our work and the company C
10% of the time 25% of the time 50% of the time 75% of the time B
Poor scope & inadequate requirements gathering Unrealistic or insufficient resources (people, time, money) Insufficient or inadequate testing. All previous options D
Unit Test System Test White box test User Acceptance Test C
Functional testing Glass box testing Integration testing Data quality testing B
…collect together all stated requirements and identify risks … evaluate functional requirements and prioritise them …identify all stated and implied risks and prioritise them in a single central register …enable the project manager to allocate appropriate testing time C
Unit testing & Integration testing Stress Test and UAT System test and data quality test Network and User Interface testing B
We do not have enough time The scope would be too broad We do not have sufficient resources All previous options D
…spread testing across a timeframe to match resources and to balance tests over time …to be able to fix bugs more quickly …to meet project planning requirements All previous options A
…some domains …all domains …the overall project and one for each relevant domain …some test types D
Business case Test case and bug tracking Bug isolation and classification Entry, stopping and exit criteria A
The preparatory work before carrying out a detailed test The strategy and project planning needed to manage all testing and for each domain test The strategy and project plan for all domain tests A set of tools to assist the test manager plan future testing B
Development System User Acceptance Training D
…the same as the live hardware for all environments …differs from environment to environment …different for each test type …a scale down model of production and shared across all test environments. B
…the same for all tests …varies according to the domain …varies according to the domain and system complexity …varies according to the test type C
… must be installed immediately into the test environment … must be installed in a controlled manner for functional testing only … must be installed in the test environment for retesting … ready for testing in UAT C
…a document management framework with detailed documents ready for use …hardware, networks and software used by the test team when testing …testing tools and software used by the test team and others during testing …all previous options D
…a collection of domain tests …a pre-planned set of tests for a particular function …a generic set of tests from the test library All previous options B
.. of insufficient commitment from the project manager … the test platform was insufficient …not enough functioned were tested The test manager and test team did not do their job properly D
Bugs per business function Bug per 1000 lines of code (kLOC) Bugs per integration and interface function The CIO's assessment of the development team D
Functionality Security All test domains Data Quality C
…are flexible and can do almost anything …they will work 24x7 without complaint …they are cheap and easy to configure …they can be used to target specific areas and test them quickly B
…record the bugs and process them in the normal manner but have one-on-one meeting with the development manager ...record the bugs and