Questions And Answers For Industry And Market Data

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Julie Will
MGMT 420-002
Professor Hill
9 February 2015

For industry and market data, the first source listed is the U.S. Census Bureaus Economic Census, which provides statistical data and gives you a feel for the size of your industry. With your industry classification (NAICS) code, you can find nationwide and state statistics on your industry. Another resource is the Encyclopedia of American Industries which gives more current industry statistics. Also, in the the Encyclopedia of Associations you can find a group that relates to your business. Through PubList, you can access a general directory of trade publications. Industry and market data could be used in marketing to track the trends in your industry and to see if it is shrinking or expanding.
To obtain company and competitor data, you can use company directory databases, such as Dun & Bradstreet, to build a list of competitors or prospects. These directories are listed by line of business and allow you to narrow your focus to a certain size of business or specific region. Also, you can figure out each businesses’ length of time in business as well as general sales and employee figures. This can be used in marketing as it will give you an idea of who is currently involved in your industry.
Consumer and demographic data is accessible through the U.S. Census Bureau’s American FactFinder database. It provides data regarding population, housing, and income and is narrowed to specific cities or zip codes. Also, the You are Where You Live site allows you to enter a zip code