Questions And Answers On History

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1. My general reactions after reading 1984 consisted of why would somebody write a book like this? I was surprised at how strict the parties’ policies were. You basically can’t do anything, you can’t think about the party, talk about the party, write about the party, and people are constantly being watched by the thought police.
When Julia and Winston got separated and Winston got “caught” rebelling against the party, I thought it was surprising because of how Winston was basically forced to commit the act. The whole idea of room 101 where all of the people reach the end of the line was a pretty crazy idea to me. Just the idea of encountering your worst fear in that room knowing you didn’t tell them what you are afraid of is crazy.
2. Regarding the idea of rewriting history, personally I don’t agree with it. I feel that we as people have a responsibility to present future generations with the correct information regarding wars, events, and other things that happened in history. People in power have no right to change things in textbooks just because they don’t think it is appropriate or right for people to read and learn about in the future. To me this is a huge deal, I want my kids and other peoples kids to know what truly happened in our history, not sugar coat it and make us as a country look like the perfect idealistic country that has never done anything wrong and has always been the good guy, because in all honesty that’s far from true. I think us as the people