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Preamble (3 minutes) * Thanks and welcome * There is no right or wrong answer * Audio recording * Questions or concerns

Introduction and warm up (8minutes)
Introduce the interviewee’s basic information
Main purpose of this interview
Fill up the questionnaire (see appendix 1)

Interview Questions (15 minutes):
1. Based on your choice, you chose the “--career---”, could you please further explain why?

2. You chose the “------” to describe the first impression of “HR”, can you explain why?

3. What are the strengths of career, which you chosen compared with other careers? Where you get your information?

(3) If you choose HR, what is the most attractive aspect that makes you chose this career? Where you get your information?

4. What do you market researchers do? What industries clients do market researchers work in /for?

5.Does your previous working experience influence on your decision of future career?

6. Is there any other factors that regarding the previous question?

7. Improvised on question 5 interesting / salary /future development / family influence /job relates to your major / others

8. What do you think is the most important criteria that used to choose your job?

9. If the similar condition which HR and other careers will offer to you, which one would you like to choose?

10. Are you going to take the HR as a long-term career or take HR as a short - term career?

Closing exercise (10 minutes): * Don’t worry if it’s a good or bad idea. * After the whole interview, have you change your perception of HR? * If you become more interested into the industry, what else you need to know to determine your decision? * If no, what is the reason for it?

Questionnaire: 1. Are you a marketing student? Y2/N4 2. Are you interested in doing in marketing industry in the future? Y3/ N4 3. If YES, HR/ Sale/ PR/