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WORKSHOP OVERVIEW Recommended Audience: soon-to-be graduates getting ready to launch their career! Summary: We'll review key areas you need to be aware of and accomplish during your first 90 d of employment to ensure success in your new role. Topics of discussion include: . Knowing the basics - understanding things like dress code, and culture will help you go far . Understanding what's expected of you - how will your performance be measured? What d your manager expect of you in year one? Learn how to accomplish and set realistic goals. . Brand management - understand how to effectively market and manage your own person brand in the workplace. . Engagement - building relationships and remaining engaged at work is key to your success. Sometimes, we know this can be tough so we'll even help teach you how to cope with dissatisfaction that you may encounter in your new role. . Owning your career - how do you define success? We'll talk to you about how to take ownership of and effectively navigating your career to deal with things like promotions, ch in role/responsibilities, lateral moves, etc. You won't want to miss this! ProDev Overview: new workshop series designed by Qualcomm's Campus Team as a result of watching extremely intelligent and technically savvy students or recent graduates make poor choi in the workplace that are negatively impacting their careers. We want to help you hone in on you soft-skills because even though they don't have anything to do with your