Questions On Business Strategy

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Chapter 1

1. General managers must take a role in decisions about IS
a. It is necessary to aggressively seek to understand the consequences of using technologies relevant to the business’s environment and to ask questions when it’s not clear
b. A firms IS must be aligned with the way it manages its employees and processes
2. Information Systems Strategy Triangle
a. Relates the business strategy with the IS strategy and the organizational strategy
b. Purposely design the organization and there IS strategies to complement their business strategy
c. Business, IS, and organizational strategies must be adjusted constantly
d. Alignment – the situation in which a company’s current and emerging business strategy is enabled, supported, and unconstrained by technology
i. Higher states are synchronization and convergence
3. Strategy – coordinated set of actions to fulfill objectives, purposes, and goals
a. Starts with a mission – clear and compelling statement that unifies an organization’s effort and describes what the firm is all about (what is unique about the organization)
b. Business strategy – a plan articulating where a business seeks to go and how it expects to get there
c. IS ultimately is cost savings, reflected in the price of systems
4. Generic Strategies Framework
a. Cost Leadership – organizations aims to be the lowest-cost producer in the marketplace
b. Differentiation – qualifies its product or service in a way that allows it to appear unique
c. Focus – limit its scope to a narrower segment of the market and tailor its offerings to that group of customers
5. Dynamic Environment Strategies
a. Hypercompetition – models suggest that the speed and aggressiveness of the moves and countermoves in any given market create an environment in which advantages are rapidly created and eroded
6. Organizational Strategy
a. Includes the organizations design as